You’re in the Woods and Just Got Bit by a Hobo Spider. Here are the Next Steps You Must Take Before it’s too Late.

hobo spider in woods

If you’re going for a stroll in a dark corner, if may be a good idea to be aware of your surroundings. A creepy little creature with eight legs might be lurking nearby, mistake you for a threat, and bite you.

Tegenaria agrestis, or hobo spiders, are not commonly aggressive unless provoked, despite their title as “aggressive house spiders”. However, your mere presence might cause one to go into attack mode – especially if the spider is tending to its egg sac and waiting for it to hatch.

If bitten with a venomous bite (which occurs about 50% of the time), necrosis can occur in human beings. That means the venom will kill your tissue on a cellular level.

So, what steps should you take once a hobo spider bites you? Take a look on the next page to find out!

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  1. James Bell said:

    Well thanks for that John Arthur. Lol. Now I need to worry again. I would think it would be showing some signs by now. I hope anyway.
    Damn spiders are assholes. I saw one a couple years ago running across the carpet. ( they run fast)
    And I grabbed a shoe to smash it. DAMN THING RUSHED ME!! Little A hole.