You’re in the Woods and Just Got Bit by a Hobo Spider. Here are the Next Steps You Must Take Before it’s too Late.

hobo spider in woods

Worried about hobo spiders hiding in dark corners? Here's what to do if you get bit!

A hobo spider bite is initially painless but it can be serious. Dry hobo spider bites, which constitute about 50 percent of all hobo spider bites, do not cause a serious threat to the victim since the biting spider does not release venom. However, in general hobo spider is poisonous. When hobo spider poisoning (also known as “tegenarism”) is severe, it will take time to heal and may leave scarring.

When a hobo spider injects venom (envenomation) on a victim, the following symptoms may be observed:

Immediate redness around the bitten body portion but the redness disappears after a few hours.




Temporary memory loss


Vision problems

First aid
Like mentioned earlier, a hobo spider bite can be painless but serious. When a person complains of being bitten by a hobo spider, keep calm and apply first aid.
– Don’t panic: A person bitten by a hobo spider should stay calm.
– Wash the affected area and bandage it: A clean bandage can be placed on the bite wound after washing the spider bite area using either soap, alcohol or any other astringent.
– Take a pain reliever: A pain reliever such as benzocaine can be applied to the wound when pain is severe.
Apply cold compress: You can also apply ice to the hobo spider bite area to delay absorption of the venom.

Creeped out yet? It's important to pay attention to your body once you've been bitten to assess the severity of the bite. For more information on Hobo Spider bites, check out Spider Bite Treatment!

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  1. James Bell said:

    Well thanks for that John Arthur. Lol. Now I need to worry again. I would think it would be showing some signs by now. I hope anyway.
    Damn spiders are assholes. I saw one a couple years ago running across the carpet. ( they run fast)
    And I grabbed a shoe to smash it. DAMN THING RUSHED ME!! Little A hole.