A Brown Recluse Spider Just Bit You. Here’s How to Treat it During a SHTF Moment.

brown recluse spider

Spiders are feared by many in the world. This may because they have many eyes, their precision as they build their webs or their many legs. When you ask someone why they're afraid of a spider, though, he'll likely tell you it's because they bite.

Very few spiders actually bite, and most of them are not dangerous to humans. Even though they can bite, when someone does get bitten it's only as painful as a mosquito bite.

That's not to say there are scary spiders out there, such as the brown recluse spider. This spider can make brave survivalists uncomfortable. If you were to get bit by a brown recluse, you would need an immediate trip to the hospital. However, if you're dealing with a SHTF situation, it's likely you won't be able to get there.

So what should you do if you need to treat a brown recluse spider bite when SHTF? Keep reading to find out what the best way is to deal with this type of spider bite. 

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