You Just Got Bit by a Brown Recluse Spider. Here’s How to Effectively Treat the Bite When All Hell Breaks Loose.

brown recluse spider

Spiders are feared by many people in the world. This could be because spiders have a creepy way of walking, how they precisely build their spider webs or because they have so many eyes. When you ask a prepper or anyone for that matter, he'll probably tell you he's not fond of spiders because they can bite.

It's true that very few spiders in the world are dangerous to humans, even though almost every spider can bite you. However, most spider bites are only as painful as a mosquito bite.

Then there's the spider you've probably well aware of called a brown recluse spider. Then spider can make even an unsqueamish person pause. If you ever do get bit by this spider, it'll require an immediate trip to the hospital unless you're bugging out.

If you're dealing with a SHTF situation and get bit by a brown recluse, what should you do?

Find out what steps you should take if you get bit by a brown recluse when all hell breaks loose after the break. There are supplies you will need to stockpile now so that you'll be prepared later! 

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  1. Rob Taylor said:

    use stun gun on bite 5 times for 1 to 2 seconds each and your g2g

  2. Allen Karen said:

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  3. Eric Boyles said:

    You just sprint off in the direction of the hospital. Legs pumping like connecting rods until you reach top cruising speed..

  4. Raye A Dillon said:

    Actually you don’t usually know when you got bitten until you get an abscess

  5. Michael Joyner said:

    I just was bit about a month ago and the let me tell you baking soda and water works the best made into a paste but all the doc can do is give you pain medication and that will only ease the pain I had a hole in my knee from where I was bit