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The Altoids Tin Survival Kit: A Tiny Survival Necessity that Packs a Punch!

The Altoids Tin Survival Kit: A Tiny Survival Necessity that Packs a Punch!

Whenever someone menti0ns survival kits, most of us immediately think of a knapsack full of stuff you need if you find yourself in a survival situation. But packing in an entire survival kit sometimes is not necessary – or practical. Often, for example, I fish in accessible, but relatively remote areas that require up to

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Basic Survival Prep Tips for the Beginner

For someone just starting down the survival path, putting in place all you will need can be daunting. Advice, as always, particularly online, is easily available and offered by “experts” virtually everywhere you look. Much of this advice is awesome, some good, some awful, but understanding which is which can be a chore. And coping

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GHB (Get Home Bag) and What It Should Include

In terms of survival, almost any discussion of a survival kit is geared towards “bugging – in” or “bugging – out.” Almost no discussions cover “how to get home” or “how to get to your bug-out bag” and if your survival kit or bug-out bag is like mine, you are not easily lugging that thing

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12 Life Saving Items to Keep in a Truck

Unless you live in a heavily populated area, getting your vehicle stuck, having an accident or even just getting lost can present a survival situation in and of itself. If you live in a very remote area, any of the above is a guaranteed to demand you at least be able to survive on your