(Video) DIY Storage Containers That Are Simple to Make and Will be Incredibly Useful During a Disaster

soda cap container

No matter the disaster, it is always great to have some kind of survival kit with you. It does not have to be big, let’s say something you would take with you when it is time to bug-out. Yet, it should be complete as well as contained.

We always think about those times when we are with family and friends. It’s good to have something small that you can have in your pocket while taking a hike up into the mountains, to the lake, or even rambling across the desert.

If you or yours get lost or an injury happens, what you have with you can make the difference between comfort and distress! Or even, some might say, life or death!

After the break, go on over to the next page and watch a video bout a super-mini DIY storage container. It is incredibly clever but goes a long way in preparing you for potential chaos!

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  1. Brent Morgan said:

    Waterproof match container, $3 it floats ,has a signal mirror and ferrite rod attached to it. Amazon.