A Bug-Out Bag – What Goes Into It? Here’s What Should!

bug out bag

Maintaining a Bug-Out Bag is one of the basics for most survivalists.

When that survival crisis comes, a properly stocked Bug-Out Bag should give you all the tools and supplies you will need to make it through all but the harshest of circumstances.

What those tools and supplies are, however, is a topic of discussion.

Some people focus on the very basic of supplies and equipment – stuff that would allow you to make it in virtually any environment = for 72 hours or so – but not the type of stuff you would use over the long-term.

Others focus on the longer-term and include tools and supplies they will need for an extended period on the road or at a bug-out location.

What you choose is up to what you think you will face; on the next page is a list of one person’s suggested Bug-Out Bag contents.

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