(Video) Bug-Out Bag 2017 – This Man Discusses Which Gear Makes the Cut

bug out bag

One of the most challenging aspects of survival preparation is separating the “wants” from the “needs” as it pertains to survival kits, bug-out and bug-in bags.

This post will cover what to include in your bug-out bag.

If you take all the advice you can get online, your bug-out would literally be the size of a tiny house.

Obviously, though, you do not need all the gear that is recommended, particularly if your goal is to have a survival cache of equipment, materials, supplies, and food that can quickly get you from a dangerous spot to a safe location.

What, though, should you include?

The best advice is to review the bug-out gear that other survivalists have put online and pick and choose what meets your specific needs.

The video on the next page is one such online offering; check it out to see that this guy includes in his bag!

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