The Altoids Tin Survival Kit: A Tiny Survival Necessity that Packs a Punch!

Altoids survival kit

Whenever someone menti0ns survival kits, most of us immediately think of a knapsack full of stuff you need if you find yourself in a survival situation.

But packing in an entire survival kit sometimes is not necessary – or practical.

Often, for example, I fish in accessible, but relatively remote areas that require up to a mile walk in the woods to get to the pond or lake.

Having one more thing to haul around on a day trip is just a pain in the … well, you know.

This is where an Altoids Tin Survival Kit comes in.

In that tin, I can store fire starter, water purifier, a whistle, duct tape, bandages, a signaling mirror, etc.

It's not enough to get me through several days, but it is enough for a mini survival episode.

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