(Video) The Mid-Sized Survival Kit – Striking a Balance Between Bare Bones and too Much

survival bag

Everyone knows the difference between a survival cache and a bug-out bag, but what is a little murkier is everything in between.

A bug-out bag covers your basic needs if you have to vacate your current location – it makes sure you have the tools, materials, and supplies you need to make it through transitioning to a safer location.

A survival cache is larger and has tools, materials, and equipment that will last you (hopefully) for the duration of whatever survival event you are facing.

Is there, however, a middle ground between these two? A transportable survival kit more developed than a bug-out bag, but not nearly as complex (and large) as a survival cache?

The guy in the video on the next page strikes a nice balance – a knapsack with attachments with just about everything you might need for a survival incident but not so much it is cumbersome!

Check out the video on the next page to see what I mean!

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