Bug-Out Bags for Women and What Must be Included

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The survival industry is largely populated by men when it comes to survival gear you should have on hand in the event of a crisis.

Women are becoming more and more involved, but for the most part, if the issue is hunting, fishing, wilderness survival or bugging out, most of the products on the market are geared towards selling stuff to men (probably because we are suckers for gadgets.)

Obviously, however, that focus is short-sighted and leaves out over half the survival equation!

While there are commonalities, tailoring your bug-out bag to only half of the population will create some glaring deficiencies when and if you find yourself in a survival situation!

There are as many things that are needed to be in a bug-out bag for women as men – and in many cases, more!

To see a list of equipment, materials, and supplies every woman should include in her bug-out bag, check out the next page!

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