Bug-Out Bags for Women and What Must be Included

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Tailoring your bug-out bag to meet the needs of women, or if you are a woman, making sure your bag meets your specific and unique needs is critical to making sure you can handle virtually any survival situation thrown your way.

Here is a list of “must-haves” in any female’s bug-out bag as well as some advice on how to prepare the bag!

Health and Fitness. It’s a simple fact that the average woman cannot carry as much weight as the average man, even if she is in excellent shape. So when packing your bug out bag, make sure it’s not over your maximum weight limit (most experts suggest ¼ your body weight for women and 1/3 your body weight for men.)

Skills and Experience. Keep your personal skills and limitations in mind when packing your bug out bag. Obviously, it will be worthless to pack any equipment you’re not familiar enough with to use at a moment’s notice if needed.

Clothing. Your clothing should be suited for your particular climate, terrain and season. That said, there are certain types of clothing that can work well in most settings. Shell clothing is breathable and protects against rain, wind, and snow. (Since it lacks insulation, you will need to wear base and mid layers underneath.) Rain clothing such as ponchos and rain trousers are also a must. If you are bugging out in wintertime, a heavy jacket and gloves are essential. Your best bet is to wear layers that can be added or removed depending on climate, terrain, and temperature.

Footwear. For survival, there’s almost nothing more important than footwear. This is an area where you do not want to scrimp. Invest in the best hiking boots you can afford, and a good pair of wool socks to go with them. Also, remember to break in your boots as soon as possible.

Bug Out Bags for Women: What to Pack

A backpack.

Waterproof bag to keep clothes and other belongings dry.

Buff Slim Fit.

Pullover jacket.

Warm pants.

Wool socks

A downmat.

A sleeping bag.

A flashlight.

Extra batteries.

Fire steel.

A lighter.

Wetfire tinder.

At least one good survival knife.

A pocket survival kit.

A Swiss Army knife.

Water purification filter and tablets.

Freeze dried rations

Protein bars.

Energy chews.

A utensil set.

Oral care kit.

Toiletry bag (we like the Sea to Summit light bag.)

Body wash.

Menstrual cup.

A compass.

Topographical map.

Rainproof notebook.

Important personal items (such as your passport and immunization records)


As you can see, many of the items that go into a regular bug-out bag also go into a bug-out bag focused on the needs of women.

There are, however, some specific needs that require specialized items that are unique to women; without them, the process of survival becomes much more complicated.

To see more items that should be included in any woman’s bug-out bag – either as part of a larger assembly or as her own bug-out kit, check out Survival Life!