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garden in bucket

(Video) Survival Gardening – How to Maximize Yield in a Smaller Space

(Video) Survival Gardening – How to Maximize Yield in a Smaller Space

One of the mainstays of self-sufficiency is growing your own food – the more you grow, the more food you get, the less you have to rely on traditional grocery stores for sustenance. A lot of us, however, do not have the space for a massive, in-ground garden, or we do not have the time

wicking bed

(Video) How to Make a Wicking Bed Survival Garden

Whether it’s homesteading or prepping, gardening is an important part of sustaining ourselves. It does not matter if you are thinking about the present or future! Having a good, sustainable outlet of fresh vegetables, which depends on how good your soil is will prolong life indefinitely. Still, there are things to consider, especially if you are

hydroponic system

How to Feed a Family Without Having the Soil or Space

You don’t have to have a soil-rich garden or large backyard space to feed your family well. We’re about to introduce to you to hydroponics, a type of hydroculture that helps plants grow by using mineral-based water solutions. With this concept of gardening, the plant roots aren’t binded by soil. With hydroponic growing, the roots