(Video) How to Put Together a Homemade Vertical (A-Frame) Hydroponic System


Hydroponic farming is one alternative to traditional, soil-based farming that utilizes enriched water to provide nutrients to plants while avoiding the need for massive amounts of garden space and soil.

With a little innovation, just about any vegetable can be grown hydroponically in just about any setting – even in many urban backyards.

Since self-food production is a key part of most survivalists' preparation repertoire, but often in suburban and urban areas space is an issue, creating your own hydroponic system to match your space needs is one option that allows you to grow your own food.

In the video on the next page, the creator made an “A-Frame” hydroponics system to grow basil; but his system could be modified to meet the growing needs of several different types of vegetables.

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  1. Cal Tec said:

    is this still a good idea with mature plants? Or do they need to be moved once established?