How to Grow Turmeric and Ginger While Living Off the Grid

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There is nothing more satisfying than growing your own garden. Many of us dream of cultivating a nice patch of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Who needs to go to the market to pick up ingredients last minute when you've got food growing in your backyard?

If you've ever wanted to grow fresh turmeric or ginger, we've got the starter guide you're looking for! If you've never grown any kind of plant in your life but you've thought about it, you may want to consider starting your gardening endeavors with turmeric and ginger.

These herbs are super easy to grow and offer a nearly endless supply of food. Your kitchen will never be the same!

Before you head out to the grocery store to pick up some turmeric or ginger rhizomes to start planting, check out the next page for your step-by-step guide.

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