If Near a Homestead, These 15 Trees Should be Removed Right Away


While many may believe that trees are harmless to their surroundings, there are some exceptions. In most cases, trees can provide shade, oxygen and much more in their natural settings.

However, in the case of a homestead setting, there are trees that should be removed as soon as possible.

If you're living off the grid and want to be sure that your homestead life isn't affected by certain trees, take a look at these 15 types of trees that need to be removed.

With the right knowledge and preparation, removing these trees will make a difference for your homestead area. Get started!

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  1. David Webb said:

    You need to rethink your list. A lot of these trees have medicinal value.

  2. Jason Martin said:

    The fda helped them with the list. Lol. Get rid of all these good things.. Then replant with this identical gmo plant with none of the healing values…

  3. David Webb said:

    Granted that shallow root water stealing trees may be a problem when growing feet from your foundation but leave them alone if they are just in your location. I’m actually trying to grow some mulberry cutting before I cut the wild one down that is next to my house. Looking for willow and mimosa to plant.

  4. Matthew Fitch said:

    There are certain trees like the weeping willow and the silver maple that might be beneficial if you have an area of standing water – they could suck up that water quickly and provide some topsoil stability.