Create This AWESOME Worm Tower to Feed a Garden

garden worms

Whether you are homesteading, preparing for a possible survival incident or even just growing for fun, gardening can be really difficult work.

One of the major challenges is keeping your growing space fertilized and aerated.

You can resort to chemical fertilizers, but if you do it wrong, you can do almost as much bad to the soil as good. There are also many different methods of aeration, but almost all of them are time-consuming and some are expensive.

One natural source for both is worms.

While you have to invest initially, one great way to both fertilize and aerate your soil is by using a series of “worm towers.”

Worm towers provide a place for worms to feed and start the process of naturally fertilizing your growing space.

To learn how to make a worm tower (or several) at minimal cost and effort, check out the next page!

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