7 Delicious Edibles a Person Can Grow This Winter in Their Indoor Winter Garden


We think one time or another we have all wanted to try our hand at an inside the house garden. Granted, we were thinking more along the lines of spices, in small pots, but when that was successful it did amp up the motivation a bit.

There are a lot more things out there to be grown and, during these cold days of winter, why not try to start an epic indoor garden? Tomatoes, lettuce, carrots… They don’t just make a good salad but are great in those big pots of vegetable soup. It's a perfect winter dish!

But growing such things inside? You may ask about the difficulty level and we are here to say it’s not as tough as you may think. Many indoor gardeners have seen great success!

After the break, go to the next page and check out seven awesome edibles a person can grow in their indoor winter garden! Spring and summer do not have a monopoly on our veggies any longer!

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