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Cleavers – Herbs in Your Backyard That You Can Use to Your Advantage

Cleavers – Herbs in Your Backyard That You Can Use to Your Advantage

Soon the cold weather will be leaving us and spring will introduce greens and herbs. One of the more interesting “weeds” is cleavers which is great for making medications and adding them to a healthy meal! Cleavers are an annual herb. If taken from the garden here and there a gardener will always have some

[VIDEO] Tips For Growing The Perfect Herb Garden

Herbs are terrific. They can turn a bland and flavorless dish into something special and delicious. Also, when you pick specific herbs you are also consuming nutritious and healthy nutrients. The question always remains, should a cook utilize store-bought items or plant their own? At one time or another most of us have tried to plant an

[VIDEO] How To Be Successful With Your Off Grid Garden

Homesteading isn’t always easy but the rewards can be incredible! You have your canning, emergency pantry, generator(s), various bug-out bags and – of course – gardening. The video on page two shows you how to be successful with your off-grid gardening! Our hostess gives us tips and tricks including woodchips, mulch, and terrific results with

Tips For Seasonal Gardening and Companion Planting

When you are a prepper or homesteaders a great goal is to nurture a textbook ecosystem for your impressive garden. Also you need to prevent the nuisances, whether they be rodents or bugs, that would obliterate plants. Companion planting isn’t just rotating vegetables. You need to maintain a careful balance and give the garden a good upbringing.

Growing Your Own Herbs? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Everyone loves fresh herbs! When preparing a stupendous meal, in need of an awesome kick, we would much rather look into our garden rather than pulling out a bottle with crushed, pulped and possibly processed herbs that have been on the shelf for Heaven knows how long! If you are new to herb gardening all

Learn How To Make Compost In Your Apartment

Pretty much anyone who has ever had a garden knows the rewards of compost. Some gardeners have a composting bin and others have a certain section of the yard; a pile of composting materials to scoop up and use when the garden is ready and the compost has sat long enough to be beneficial. Then