Farmer Came Up With a Genius Solution to All of His Problems by Covering His Plants With…

plastic sheeting on garden


Growing a garden is life affirming. Honestly, if you are successful the satisfaction you receive while plucking up those carrots, peas, tomatoes and rhubarb is awesome. You can say: “I did this! I created life!” Admittedly, it’s life you will soon consume but that is the whole point, after all!

Still, there are obstacles in the way of your goal. Anything from weather to weeds can make a nice crop of lettuce or green beans suddenly look like slush. And do not get us started with the little varmints that dig up out of the ground and devour your veggie babies. It’s too disappointing!

However, one farmer really did come up with a brilliant solution for some of his problems and it’s by using an item that is readily available and easy to buy!

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