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bugging out with truck

(Video) Survival Vehicles: Selecting One for Individual Survival Needs

(Video) Survival Vehicles: Selecting One for Individual Survival Needs

If you are preparing for a major survival incident and its aftermath, unless you live on a property that is in and of itself completely self-sustaining, you will need a vehicle to get around with. You may have to bug-out to safety, or get to the grocery store if the survival situation you face is

nuclear missiles

How to Prepare in Case of a Nuclear Attack

A lot of us thought after the Cold War that fear of a nuclear strike was more than just remote – it was no longer a threat. Then came several developing countries bent on getting nuclear technology and using it to make nuclear weapons. There were also rumors that “tactical nukes,” smaller weapons that delivered

man in concrete bunker

Wanted: Vital Skills Needed if TEOWAWKI Happens

It goes without saying that in a severe survival scenario – where life as we know it was altered permanently – that adaptation would be the key to making it through. That type of scenario would likely mean the traditional infrastructure we have come to rely on would be severely restricted or even destroyed. In

warning about radiation

Radiation Sickness and How to Deal With It

One thing we do not talk about often enough is the potential of radiation sickness after a collapse. It would not surprise us at all if, when the SHTF, a part of the problem will be a radioactive meltdown. It may not happen right away but, eventually without electricity, without a “cooling” effect, something has

missing man

Man Who Was Missing for 30 Years Found Alive

When a man, woman, or child suddenly disappears there are usually two schools of thought: 1) Foul play or 2) They want to be missing. Sadly, you only have to listen to the evening news to find out how so many who have vanished are rediscovered as bones in a shallow grave. We do not

Grand Canyon Trail

Hiker’s Body Found – Lessons to be Learned

This is a tragic story about an experienced hiker who ran out of water on a trail in the Grand Canyon and paid for that with her life. Luckily, her daughter and a nephew were found by another hiker, given water and escorted to safety. The Mom probably got lost in 80+ degree heat and

man in wilderness

(Video) Basic Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

No matter what survival situation you are facing, there are a “certain set of skills” that every survivalist must know to make it possible to make it through. These skills will not always be used or in some cases, used at all, but they will be necessary in particular situations and if you do not

bug out trailer

Bug-Out Trailers: Balancing Need with Storage Availability

One of the realities of survival preparation is that as more people have gotten involved in it and ensuring you can make it through comfortably through most survival situations, there has been a dramatic increase in survival materials, supplies and equipment you “must have.” That has taken the concept of a simple bug-out bag and

missing man

Man Missing for 30 Years Found Alive

We’ve heard odd stories about men and/or women, waking up from comas, not knowing who they are or where they came from. Even with fingerprints, it takes a long time before they discover who they are. And, let’s face it, there are times when that amnesia is voluntary. They hated their past lives and decide