Wanted: Vital Skills Needed if TEOWAWKI Happens

man in concrete bunker

It goes without saying that in a severe survival scenario – where life as we know it was altered permanently – that adaptation would be the key to making it through.

That type of scenario would likely mean the traditional infrastructure we have come to rely on would be severely restricted or even destroyed.

In that case, adaptation would require developing skills that were common decades ago, but have long been taken over to automation and power tools.

Those skills include construction without the aid of said tools, cooking meals from scratch instead of pre-fab nourishment and many other skills.

Skills that the Greatest Generation and before knew how to do, but their baby boomer kids did not, much less the boomers’ offspring and on down the line.

To see a few of those skills that would help in the event of TEOWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), check out the next page.

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