(Video) Never Try Wearing THIS During a Collapse or There Will be Serious Consequences

what to wear during a collapse

We have already talked about how, during a collapse, you do not want to stand out. We’ve tipped that it might be a good idea to not just keep a low profile but wearing dark clothes, a hoody, or anything normal that does not scream “I have money and provisions!” is the best idea.

Yet, when we write about not standing out what do we mean? Does it mean not wearing bright pinks, yellows, and greens? Does it also mean we should keep our hair down and unwashed? Not necessarily.

Over on the next page, we have a great video with a prepper that can tell you exactly what we mean when we say: “Don’t wear this.” We know you probably have your own ideas but you might be surprised by what you should not drape around your body, the signals it gives off to both the bad element and even the police that are trying to get control of the situation.

A person that considers themselves a survivor may not realize that what he or she is wearing could put you and yours at risk! Therefore, just to be safe, you might want to listen and watch the video on the next page!

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