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(Video) How to Make a AA Battery + Gum Wrapper Lighter

(Video) How to Make a AA Battery + Gum Wrapper Lighter

While knowing how to make a fire is a crucial skill to learn when it comes to survival, it’s also helpful to be able to construct a DIY lighter. Did you know that you can make one of out batteries and gum wrapper? No, this isn’t an episode of Macgyver! You’ll learn with this simple


(Video) If a Matchbox Gets Ruined Here’s How to Still Use the Matches Inside, With This One Simple Trick

Matches are a must-have for all of us dedicated preppers. They can help us start fires in a pinch and can really come in handy when electricity isn’t readily available. However, what if your safety matches get ruined, and the matchbox won’t light up your matches? This problem generally happens for matches that are “strike