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[VIDEO] Super Easy DIY For A Tandoor Oven

Whether you are in a crisis, a SHTF scenario, or you’re temporary “off the grid” due to a power outage – you’ll need to eat. And in most cases you’ll need some sort of cooking option. Because your conventional stove or oven indoors may not be an option in this situation, its best to be

7 Awesome Primitive Fire Starting Methods

Almost all dedicated survivalists have a set of plans or “drills” in place for when an emergency occurs. Whether the power goes out, you’re hit with an unexpected natural disaster or you’re simply out in nature – you’re somewhat prepared. Part of that preparation involves being able to start a fire. Some of us might have lighters

Need To Start A Fire In The Snow? Do THIS

Being caught in a survival situation in the middle of winter is never pleasant and can be deadly. The elements are against you, the temperature is against you, there is not a lot of food to eat, even getting to water can be a struggle. But if you do not defeat each one, taken to an

A Fail-Proof Method To Create Fire From Char

Char is an excellent resource for starting fires and today, we’re going to show you exactly how it’s done. Remember – there are many ways to start a fire. But it’s important that you don’t limit yourself to learning only a few methods. Survival is about being resourceful, so soak up as much information as possible

[VIDEO] How To Make a Swedish Torch Stove

We love new fire burning techniques and this one, the Swedish Torch Stove, is great for survivalists to learn and practice. People often ask “what do I do if everything is wet?” It’s a good question because rain and moisture is a natural element you’ll experience in the wild. So when this occurs, how do