(Video) This Man Demonstrates How to Make an Upside Down Fire During the Winter. How it Turns Out? Pretty Impressive!

upside down fire

Have you ever wondered how to make an upside down fire? It can really come in handy during the winter when it's quite hard to stay warm out in the cold!

One man shows us just how easy it is to build an upside down fire so that you can survive in the evening the fiercest of snow storms. When SHTF, this skill can really make all the difference!

Don't get caught out in the storm without this important skill. Building this fire is easier than you think! Just by using materials in your surroundings, you can bug out in comfort in the coldest weather!

Find out how you can build your own upside down fire with this helpful tutorial on the video on the next page!

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  1. Brian Bandy said:

    Wow! very cool. Will pass this on. They’re camping this weekend up near Lake Lanier and the temps are supposed to be in the teens (plus the lake “chill”). Burn ban is lifted after the recent rains, so I’m guessing the will be some campfires…..

  2. Jay Tilman said:

    We use this method sideways in our wood stove to heat the house

  3. Rob DuBois said:

    I built a lot of campfires while in Boy Scouts. They last a long time and they are easy to learn and teach with.

  4. Ron Bonneau said:

    I been using this way for a long time. To me, it’s the only way to go.

  5. Dane Zuber said:

    This video is very satisfying to watch. Was a little disappointed when it ended!

  6. Daniel Fischer said:

    Eh.. I start fires in the middle and create an air tunnel. Getting flames to rise between two pieces of wood just wide enough apart to allow combustion rather than smoke. Having wood under the fire is critical to success rate.