Friction Fire Hack: How to Get Coals While Utilizing a Hand Drill

hand drill fire

Knowing several methods of starting fire is a critical skill for casual and experienced survivalists.

It is particularly important if you participate in activities off the beaten path – hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.

In addition to carrying a few different types of fire starters, it is equally important that you know at least one way to create fire without using the fire starting tools that we have grown accustomed to using.

One such method is to use a hand drill to create an ember that you then can use to light tinder and then kindling.

This method is relatively simple, at least in principle, but you must practice it several times before relying on it in the wild.

To learn how to use the hand drill method of starting a fire, please check out the step-by-step instructions on the following page.

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  1. Jeffrey Lytle said:

    A bowdrill is even challenging, a hand drill is extremely difficult it takes much practice and stamina with your forearm and hand muscles.

  2. Don Jones said:

    In a survival situation you will be challenged, life will be difficult , so practice it and get into shape…

  3. Anonymous said:

    Dear DieHardSurvivor, I just wanted to ask you whether there is a reason all articles on your web page are compiled not on one page and most important part of the article is visible always on “next page”? I assume that in all survivor situation easiest way is the best way 🙂 just asking no complaint

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