(Video) He Takes Out Firesteel. The Method He Uses to Start a Fire? This is Genius!

firesteel hack

If you have used a Firesteel to start a fire, you know that unless you are truly an expert at it, getting the fire going can be a challenge.

This is particularly true in wet weather, but even in the best of conditions, you have to practice to become truly good at it.

The spark from a Firesteel is about thousands of degree Fahrenheit, but it has to land in the right place in your tinder to actually ignite.

If you are dealing with wet weather, this is particularly a challenge, until you have done it over and over.

If your tinder is intermittently wet or damp, getting it to light and sustain a fire is even more of a challenge.

The method this guy uses all but eliminates that process of trial and error.

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