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Make This Foam Box Planter That Self Waters

Self-watering devices for your plots and planters are become more frequent today. They are considered modern and a new way of maintaining and hydrating a terrific garden. However, they have been around for longer than you might think! Some of these systems are fairly simple while others are far more elaborate and quite expensive! This

[VIDEO] Survival Food – 5 Easy Food Prep Tips

On the following page there is a great video about foods any survivalist should collect and hang onto for survival reasons. These are the foods you want to save that do not necessarily need refrigeration.  If the grid goes down electricity will be hard to come by so if you don’t want to wear out the gas

10 Household Items That Have Awesome Camping Uses

Whenever you opt to venture out in nature and go camping, it’s time to bring out your backpack, the tent, and your other supplies that make your camping trips enjoyable. There are ways to make those treks out into the wilderness less daunting and if you do a bit of research you might be surprised what you can keep in and

Why You Need To Have A Himalayan Salt Lamp

The restorative properties of salt should never be under-valued. Think about it. What do you, as a survivalist, use when you have a sore throat? If you really want to go off the grid – salt water! It’s also been said that salt can help clear sinus and respiratory issues, treat bronchitis and also aid

How To Successfully Utilize Plastic In Your Garden

When you think of your organic garden then think of the word “plastic” there seems to be an odd contradiction going on somewhere. Plastics have their place but in a garden? Don’t plastic take forever to break down and isn’t that bad foe the earth? Well, sure. But plastic sheets do have their place. It

11 Epic Uses For Hydrogen Peroxide

While we are often tempted to call something a “miracle product” if it meets and exceeds our expectations, we would really be hard pressed to dial it back for a certain chemical that can be found under most kitchen sinks! Once again, as preppers and survivalists, we need to stock up on products that not

Off Grid Toothpaste You Can Get From Nature

We brush our teeth for a few good reasons. It’s hygienic (most importantly), removes food, improves our breath, whitens our teeth, and prevents us from going through the pain and agony of tooth decay. As survivalists we have to consider what we will use once our tube(s) of toothpaste has been used-up. Dental hygiene is all important,

7 Epic Survivalist Uses Apple Cider Vinegar

When we look at our survival arsenal, not many of us think to include apple cider vinegar with our essential items. And don’t feel bad if you fall into this category. Until reading this, we didn’t either. When we were children the thought of vinegar didn’t exactly conjure up pleasant feelings. It was smelly and tasted gross. Plain

11 Survival Items You Can’t Afford To Overlook

Survival situations crop up all the time, all over the place. Take natural disasters for example. A blizzard in the Northeast, tornado in the Midwest, the occasional hurricane in the southeast or an earthquake on the West Coast – no matter where you live, a survival situation can appear at any time. Even the federal government

[VIDEO] How To Equip Your Car For Any Emergency

Traditionally, survivalists think about their home-front when preparing for an emergency. But the grid going down is not the only crisis we face. There are everyday emergencies, natural disasters, health emergencies, and roadside dangers that we should also consider. Even though we rightly think of our own families when it comes to a crisis, we

[VIDEO] How To Store Fuel For An Emergency

Caution: This article is about storing fuel – check your local laws to make sure that storing fuel in quantity is legal. One of the major challenges for any survivalist is how to preserve and store fuel. With so many gas stations only selling fuel with ethanol, gasoline goes bad very quickly, so storing it

5 Items You’ll Wish You Had In A Survival Situation

As a survivalists you already have a good collection of items in your pantry and bug-out-backpack or bag. These are things you know you will need — but is it everything you’ll need? There is always a feeling at the back of your mind that you might be forgetting something. But we’ve come to realize that’s normal.