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fatwood one stick fire

(Video) He Creates a One Stick Fire. How This is Possible? I Can’t Wait to Try This!

(Video) He Creates a One Stick Fire. How This is Possible? I Can’t Wait to Try This!

There are countless ways to  build a fire. You could douse a haphazard heap of sticks with fuel and toss a match on it. You could spend a great deal of precious time gathering piles and piles of tinder and kindling only to have the meager flame continue to fizzle itself out. To build a

making medicine

How to Go About Making Chloroform for Survival

Chloroform is one of those things that’s just steeped in negative connotations. In nearly every spy or killer movie, chloroform is the agent of lost power, rendering the hero or the villain unconscious long enough for their enemy to get them tied up and submitting to the will of the opposing force. With such a


3 Things Most People Don’t Know About Matches

Nearly everyone knows the importance of matches in a survival kit. They are dependable, lightweight, and provide you with the added benefit of knowing exactly how many fires you should be able to light so that you can plan accordingly. Only five matches left and no end in sight to your survival situation? You’d better not

martial law

5 Events That Could Place the U.S. Under Martial Law

Martial law. It’s one phrase that terrifies all citizens, regardless of their political leanings. With martial law comes complete restrictions of rights and privileges, a weakened economy, and lessened individual power to enact change via voting or even protesting. Of course, one could argue that we are under martial law right now, but compared to what

concealed gun weapon

How to Notice a Handgun That’s Concealed

Concealed-carry. Often an object of discourse in our society, the habit of many law-abiding citizens to carry weapons in the public sphere has led to arguments, disagreements, and even arrests and the further erosion of rights. No matter where you stand on this subject, though, chances are you feel you’d benefit from knowing whether those

civil war cakes

How to Make Civil War Fire Cakes for SHTF

If you had very limited supplies, would you be able to survive? A good follow-up question to that would be what constitutes “limited supplies?” Today that could mean a few weeks worth of prepared food (freeze dried) and enough water for a gallon a day per person. Back in the time of the Civil War,

bandage on a wound

How to Survive When a Wound Gets Infected

One of the most important areas for a survivalist/prepper to consider is that of first aid. Keeping in mind that if you have three years of food and water stored up, you’ll probably need more than just a tiny backpacking first aid kit to help you survive until the world returns to normal, if it