Deciding Whether a Generator is Really Worth it During SHTF


Watching the news today, it's often a wonder how S hasn't already HTF. With that said, more and more people are realizing this and are preparing accordingly, stocking up on food rations, supplies, and figuring out their best routes to survival from urban areas. However, there is one area that many new preppers are often shying away from: How they are going to provide power to their appliances when the grids go dark.

It's really not surprising. Powering your life when SHTF is one of the most confusing aspects of prepping, unless you have experience as an electrician.

Because of this, many either don't want to make the mistake of getting a generator they don't need, or worse, getting one that isn't powerful enough to serve their needs. However, with a little preparation and just a touch of math, you can decide whether you really need one, and what size you should get.

To help make this decision easier, you should start with following tips on the next page.

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  1. Jack W Hallmark said:

    If you decide to get one, get one that burns diesel. That way you can stretch your sustainability when you start making your own bio-diesel.

  2. Daniel Biehl said:

    And there’s a carburetor conversation for ethanol as well sir.

    Cause you can make moonshine so you never run out of fuel.

    When in a situation of many best thing is to build a cement shelter to muffle the sound of the generator from others.

    And there’s solar as well. But don’t do batteries cause if the economy falls there won’t be any way to replace batteries so you can run 12v ice makers with solar for ice.

    And if near a stream you can make a water wheel and connect it to an alternator to run 12v lights and power up other 12v items so that way you are being quiet. It being on a water wheel won’t push the alternator full wattage but it’ll still work

    There’s so many

  3. James Pallasch said:

    If you decide to hunker down in your safe community, it is a real possibility that under Marshall law(for your protection?)the mayor or constable would probably confiscate your generator for central headquarters. All things considered, it is preferable to stay low key and learn to live without electricity on the larger scale. Perhaps smaller things requiring very little power would be advantageous. Food for thought: All of your possessions are wanted by everyone and if you cannot protect them, perhaps you would be best served to keep a low profile and gear yourself to a survival mode for the duration. Your life is most important and should come before anything else. Sit down and prepare a list of what you would like to have. Next, pare that list to what you feel you need. Take that list and cut it down to what you need to survive. Cut that list to what you REALLY need to get by. See, you do not need as much as you thought you needed. After 6 months or so, there will be all sorts of gear abandoned, lost, in need of repair or just laying around for you to pick over to your hearts content. If what they think will happen comes true, you will be one out of ten who has survived. Welcome to the new world of your ancestors who thrived because they were self reliant and needed only, God, rain and sunshine. Read up on the Donner Pass tragedy. Had some not doomed themselves by having such a large amount of items, which only slowed them down, they very well might have made it to safety.

  4. Scott Lawrason said:

    I’m not sure about conversions to Propane ,but the ones made for it Eat the fuel. I worked for an LP company and use tto fil a 120 jug (80 gallons

  5. Jack Wells said:

    Not in our plans. We have solar, wind, hydroelectric (water fall), and human (bike) power. Our current systems are about 300% of our max needs with refrigeration and minimal AC. We have tested them for as long as a month in August.

  6. Jack W Hallmark said:

    Scott Lawrason Damn. Didn’t know they were that thirsty. Also, you could save the fuel for cooking.

  7. Dennis Varga Jr. said:

    A solar setup is always a better option. Gas or diesel will run out (unless you have a mass supply)…Solar will be there every DAY!