Learn More About an Ideal Kick-Butt Handgun for Urban Survival Situations


When SHTF, you want to be ready to get out the door on a moment's notice, no questions asked. You'll likely be grabbing some food, water, clothing, a knife, some simple survival tools, and, hopefully, a gun.

While any gun will serve its purpose, ideally you'll want a weapon that is small, light, easy to carry and shoot and is tough and customizable to suit your purposes.

So, handgun it is. But to make a truly disaster-ready weapon, it will need a few modifications to make it the perfect weapon when SHTF.

Just like with any other tool, this SHTF gun will serve its purpose best for what it's designed for: helping you survive a terrifying disaster situation.

For a rundown on how to construct perhaps the best SHTF weapon yet conceived, take a look on the next page.

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  1. Timothy Kennedy said:

    Personally a little much for a survival pistol. Light, laser and red dot. Makes it difficult to holster let alone conceal.

  2. Eric Nelson said:

    Red dot, laser, flashlight, extended mags…where are you concealing this thing?

  3. Mario Gordillo said:

    My point is plastic breaks…breaks down. .degrades. .I can take my key and shave it down!

  4. Thomas Nevels said:

    G19 or 17 is definitely the right gun.
    Not so sure about ALL of those accessories though.

  5. Keith Croft said:

    The Glock in 9mm or .40 is a great choice…..especially since both have high cap mags (and even drums) produced for them. If you pair this is a carbine like the Kel Tec Sub2000 in the same caliber, your mags and drums are interchangeable. Not to mention that the Kel Tec is a great, collapsible pack gun that can take the laser and scope upgrades while keeping the pistol less cumbersome. Just my opinion.