How to Survive When a Wound Gets Infected

bandage on a wound

One of the most important areas for a survivalist/prepper to consider is that of first aid. Keeping in mind that if you have three years of food and water stored up, you'll probably need more than just a tiny backpacking first aid kit to help you survive until the world returns to normal, if it ever does.

What you need to consider then, apart from stocking up on a crazy amount of sterile bandages, is how to prevent your wounds from getting infected. The human immune system is amazingly effective at preventing infection when supplied with adequate nutrition.

However, there are times when our bodies simply can't do the job on their own. At this point, we need to know how to prevent infection in the first place; once it sets in, it's much more difficult a problem to solve.

To learn how to prevent a wound infection in the most effective way, check out the important tips on the next page. 

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    2 to the head 1 to the chest. Don’t want them changing in a walker