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Think You Can’t Put Together a Bug Out Bag From Walmart Alone? YES You Can and Here’s How:

Think You Can’t Put Together a Bug Out Bag From Walmart Alone? YES You Can and Here’s How:

A But Out Needs To Be Exceptional, But That Doesn’t Mean It Needs To Be Expensive. Check Out These Amazing Tips That’ll Teach You How To Put Together a Bug Out Bag, At The Fraction Of The Price! Reviewing all of these tips and tricks to putting together bug out bags can be disheartening. After

BACKHOME survival kit

BACKHOME – A Survival Kit You MUST Consider!

If you are the slightest bit oriented towards planning for a survival situation or SHTF moment, in essence, if you are prepared, you have or are in the process of building a survival kit. There are many different types of kits and of course, everyone has an opinion on what should go into the “ultimate

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How to Pack a Survival Kit to Meet your Needs!

Reader and Viewer Warning: The presenter in the video on the next page is very “colorful” (and funny). While his survival advice is very effective, his language and insinuations sometimes come close to crossing the line. If salty language or a few cheesy “Bond-like” allusions offend you, you may want to watch the video, but

[VIDEO] Readyman’s Wilderness Survival Card And What It Can Do

What the world of survivalists, preppers and homesteaders really needs is a credit card sized survival kit that can fit in your wallet — and can be pulled out at a moment’s notice! Asking too much? It actually exists! It’s a novelty item but does have some attention-grabbing things incorporated, like fish hooks, spear heads, and

Must-Have Items For Your Mini Fishing Kit

A mini fishing kit is one way to ensure that you can catch dinner in almost any survival setting – whether on a back country hike, camping trip or in a bug-out situation. Edible fish exist all across the world and they are one way of gaining access to protein, which is vital in any

[VIDEO] Awesome Mini Fishing Kit

You have to check out this amazing video of a very useful fishing and survival tool: The Mini Fishing Kit. In a survival situation, if you do not have access to your normal array of fishing gear, this could be a game changer. Using a PVC pipe, plug and pipe cap, bicycle tubing and nylon string,

Epic List of Survival Gear: The Ultimate in Preparedness

Survival is know-how and preparation but also a series of lists. Initially, we need the basics to live comfortably. This includes food, water and clothes. And, of course, hand tools and shelter. However, when not knowing how long you will be on your own in a world of chaos, there are other things to consider.

Make This Awesome Altoids Survival Kit

We’ve seen various types of survival kit methods and ideas, but this one in today’s post is truly an ingenious idea. For those of you who were unaware of this option, we’ll explain it in detail for you! If you’ve never heard of Altoids, they’re the “curiously strong” mint sold in most grocery stores and