4 Essential Knots You NEED to Know Now!

Ok, this next one was tricky for us. For all of you knot enthusiasts out there, it may be a piece of cake. But do give up. If you fail the first time (or second, or third), try, try again!

The Constrictor Knot

The Constrictor is a binding knot similar to the Clove hitch but more robust. It is a very dependable way to attach a line to a cylindrical object. In fact, it is so strong that frequently the only way to remove it is to cut the line. Due to its strong bite, the constrictor knot is often compared to a hose clamp. It can be used to cinch gear bags, fashion hangers for tools, secure string whipping on rope and start or complete many lashings.

Constrictor Knot Step 1 Constrictor Knot Step 2 Constrictor Knot Step 3 Constrictor Knot Step 4

Do you feel good about yourself? Cause we feel pretty great. Not only are these knots essential, but they really make you work hard to get them right! The team over at Life View Outdoors have these knots as well as instructions for a lashing and a sling. Great stuff!


So…….How Did You Do?

Were you a knot master and get through each of these without a single mistake? Or did you fumble around like us mutter a bad word or two? Share you experience with us and pass along any other knots you think we need to know about. We're always up for a good challenge…Bring it!

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