4 Essential Knots You NEED to Know Now!

It's times like this that we wish we had nimble fingers. They'd make the process a little easier, don't you think?

The Tautline Hitch

This knot is immensely useful when setting up a tent or shelter or any line that requires adjustable length and tension. When not under a load, the knot slips along the standing part of the line allowing you to remove the slack, but when placed under a load, it locks in place. This knot is a good choice for tent and shelter guy lines, securing line to ground stakes or to make an adjustable hanging loop for camp gear.
Tautline Hitch Step 1 Tautline Hitch Step 2 Tautline Hitch Step 3


Ok, this one took us a few attempts to get it right. The photos make it look very easy, and technically it is! But you can see that tying knots is an acquired skill. Practice makes perfect!

Keep up the good work and head over to page 4 where you'll be yet another useful knot!


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