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charging a phone with battery

(Video) How to Use Two Everyday Items to Easily Charge a Cell Phone

(Video) How to Use Two Everyday Items to Easily Charge a Cell Phone

In the aftermath of a survival situation where the power is knocked out, our electronic devices will literally be living on borrowed time. Whatever you have in your phone’s battery and any other power storage devices you have is literally all you will have until you can get to where there is power. If the

charge a phone with candle

How to Charge a Cell Phone Using a Candle!

We are hooked on our phones. Kids, young people, middle-aged folks, the elderly, almost everyone has some sort of access to a smartphone or traditional cell phone and that number is only growing. Some estimates predict that by 2021, over 260M Americans will use a smartphone and it seems everyone else is using a traditional


4 Efficient Ways to Generate Power Post-Collapse

It’s a real inconvenience when the power goes out temporarily, but it’s an actual burden when the power is out for a longer period of time. If your power goes down because of a major storm or electrical fire, it may take a couple of days or longer for the power to return. In the


(Video) Check Out an Easy Way to Learn How to Whip a Rope

Survivalists know the value of a good rope and perhaps that’s why many of is have a nice collection of cordage. If you use rope often or for many different applications, chances are you’ve dealt with frayed ends. You can use frayed cord ends, but it’s still easier to use a perfectly smooth cord. We’ve got