Simple Survivalist Debris Hut: A Step-By-Step Guide

Time and unforeseen occurrence may place us in situations we did not anticipate. Having the knowledge and skillset to pull from in said occurrences will separate the strong from the weak. And in today's post, we're going to show you a simple, step-by-step guide to building a survivalist hut from debris.

Normally, if you're experiencing the great outdoors, you've come prepared: camping gear, food, appropriate clothing, and perhaps some specific gear aimed towards your activity (hunting, fishing, ec). Packing like this is a commonality even for inexperienced campers. But as mentioned in the beginning, time and unforeseen occurance can often time place us outside of our comfort zones. Often times these situations are outside our control and if we are not careful, we (and our families) could be in for a worse-case-scenario. But today's article is focused on how to stay warm and protected from the elements in the event you are outdoors and not equipped with a tent or sleeping bag.

On page 2, we're going to explain exactly how to build a debris hut for shelter so you and your loved ones can stay warm and dry. It's a matter of survival!


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  1. Cyrus Hunter said:

    Nice. I need to correct you on one thing tho. In longterm situations a tent is actually a drag from my own findings thru several years of homelessness. Its easier and usually more efficient to just have a tarp if you have to carry shelter with you. Otherwise id say always keep a surplus of p550 in your bug out bags with a tarp or a good shelter can be made with painters plastic and a mylar blanket.

  2. Cyrus Hunter said:

    Always willing to help guys. Survival is a lost art in my eyes. I hate using tv shows but dual survival season 1 has several usable techniques for shelter fire rescue and food. Im wanting to go to boss aswell, boulder outdoor school of survival

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