7 Clever Uses for Cinder Blocks. #6 is Beyond Amazing for Survival!

cinder blocks

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5. Use Cinder Blocks Creatively for Building Indoor Furniture

For example, you can build a sofa bed with just 42 cinder blocks…

..or a bookshelf (you’ll require some extra stuff, i.e. 3 wood planks)…

…an entertainment center…

…or anything else that you could think of.

See?! This is a great way to add some style to your home and make use of those cinder blocks.

Now, for a more practical use, that'll be nice for cooking a nice meal and spending time with people in your community now and after SHTF, check out the next slide. 

This is something everyone could use at their bug out home all season long!

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  1. Justin Powell said:

    Where’s the cinder block rocket stove, should have been #1 on this list.

  2. David Strickland said:

    I didn’t want to be the$#%&!@*and say it, but those are concrete blocks, they haven’t made cinder blocks in years. And that bench is guaranteed to give you hemorrhoids, ask any construction worker, you don’t sit on those things lol. Unless you got a cardboard gasket

  3. Chris Brown said:

    Concrete blocks contain a hazardous chemical that can leech into your veggies…OK for flowers.

  4. Stephen Carter said:

    Let’s just clarify… number 6 and number 2 and any idea involving fire and cinder blocks is a horrible idea.