7 Clever Uses for Cinder Blocks. #6 is Beyond Amazing for Survival!

cinder blocks

Making the most out of what's around us is big for survival. Have you ever noticed that there always tends to be unused cinder blocks lying around?

Well, in this case, you'll get to put those cinderblocks to good use! her are 7 amazing used for cinder blocks. They literally require almost no other materials to create everything from fire pits and even furniture!

Don't let those cinderblocks go to waste. When you see how many clever ways you can use cinder blocks for survival, you're going to wish you had even more on hand.

You'll especially enjoy hack number 6! There's no way you can't have it when SHTF!

Find out how you can use cinder blocks in the most creative ways for survival on the next page!

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  1. Justin Powell said:

    Where’s the cinder block rocket stove, should have been #1 on this list.

  2. David Strickland said:

    I didn’t want to be the$#%&!@*and say it, but those are concrete blocks, they haven’t made cinder blocks in years. And that bench is guaranteed to give you hemorrhoids, ask any construction worker, you don’t sit on those things lol. Unless you got a cardboard gasket

  3. Chris Brown said:

    Concrete blocks contain a hazardous chemical that can leech into your veggies…OK for flowers.

  4. Stephen Carter said:

    Let’s just clarify… number 6 and number 2 and any idea involving fire and cinder blocks is a horrible idea.