10 Bug Out Vehicles That Won’t Let You Down When SHTF

Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle featured

You may think you're fully prepared to bug out, but bug out preparations are a lot more than just stockpiling food, water, supplies, and assembling a top-notch bug out bag. You also need to ensure there's a plan in place to get yourself to a bug out location when the grid goes down.

Even if you don't have a bug out location setup, it's still vital to have a rugged vehicle you can depend on when SHTF. Think about it: when all of the stores are cleared out and police have abandoned their post, it's important to stop criminals from discovering your whereabouts. They are designed for fuel efficiency and safety, not SHTF reliability.

Today's vehicles simply won't do when it comes to being rugged.

That's why this list of 10 vehicles you should consider will save your butt. Find out which bug out vehicles won't let you down when the grid goes down. 

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  1. Ryan Williams said:

    Lmfao….you listed the CUCV as a bug out vehicle………they are one of the biggest POS you can buy…..one of the most gutless unreliable diesels you can own……and I now because I’ve owned one.

  2. Steven McCauley said:

    Lifted lincoln towncar on mudders. Teust me it’ll go farther then you think and take a good beating and keep on truckin.

  3. Mike Hessock said:

    That CUCV sure as he’ll let is down when they were new. Fuel injection, spindles…

  4. Thomas Andrew Barquist said:

    Nothing electrical is EMP or CME proof. The Eddington event a large solar flare in the 18 hundreds melted 1000 miles of copper Telegraph Wire into the desert sand. Every piece of wire in an alternator and Generator or spark plug wires completely melt from a large coronal mass ejection of the Sun. I am on 238 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains a 5-acre pond gravity fed Artesian spring water horses cattle Lumber and gold. My Armoury does not stop at guns but includes crossbows catapults and bulldozed tank tracks with rebar three-quarter inch pounded into both sides of traps. Sunday’s in CDs consisting mainly of 5-gallon propane tanks AR strategically buried with bullet oreiro firing device when they are unlocked

  5. Degen Daniel said:

    If it gets that bad,where you gonna drive to? The woods? Here’s a hint,you won’t be the only ones there.

  6. Harry Lawhorn said:

    CUCV are 1 step above a Gamma Goat, the biggest POS ever imparted on the US Soldier .

  7. Bill Fair said:

    82 honda atc 200 three wheeler. No battery what so ever. Only electric required is generated by the engine when you pull the cord

  8. Thomas B Starr said:

    1st gen Cummins is the way to go if you’re looking for diesels. They both have VE Mechanical fuel pumps and get decent mileage, along with being easily run on old cooking oil.

    The 4wd is getting 16-17mpg at 300hp and close to 700Ft Lbs of torque with a banks power pack, fuel pin, and various pump mods. The 2wd is all stock and runs 19-22mpg.

  9. Jon Howell said:

    I’ll stick with this and my forest service maps of the surrounding mountain regions.

  10. Christopher Ross said:

    Ok, so answer me this. If it is a true SHTF environment, then gas will be in short supply, if any at all. What is available will be under arm guards, and $100.00 or more a gallon. You more than likely will be on foot and Nomadic if you want to survive. So how are you going to carry all your weapons and that 10,000 rds of ammo? Oh yea, horse and wagon. U.S.M.C. 1969 Semper Fi

  11. Jason Haynie said:

    I love mine… And at 25 mpg, the ability to run on just about anything that will burn, I’d say the 6.2 Blazer is a fantastic bug out vehicle.

  12. Josh Zimmerman said:

    Buy them from the government auction its so much cheaper and do the work yourself. Better to known now how to work on them instead during SHTF

  13. Josh Zimmerman said:

    Mine serves as a toy and SHTF vehicle a lot more upgrades to come. Just bought it recently

  14. Justin Stearns said:

    The M1008 1 1/4 ton pickups are tanks. NP203 T case which is decent, D60 front and Corporate 14 bolt full floater in the rear. The TH 400 is a good trans, and the 6.2 diesel gets a bad rap from people who don’t know about its shortcomings and how to avoid them. Perfectly fine rigs. The only downfall of the M1009 is the 10 bolt axles.

  15. Ryan Williams said:

    Bypassing the$#%&!@*glow plug relay is number one in making them halfway reliable. Still would not recommend them for people who don’t understand diesels.

  16. Andy Letson said:

    Actually making moon shine is pretty easy bought a still brand new on amazon with recipes made the first batch sent in to get tested at 190 proof tasted pretty good if you like moon shine.