10 Bug Out Vehicles That Won’t Let You Down When SHTF

Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle featured

You may think you're fully prepared to bug out, but bug out preparations are a lot more than just stockpiling food, water, supplies, and assembling a top-notch bug out bag. You also need to ensure there's a plan in place to get yourself to a bug out location when the grid goes down.

Even if you don't have a bug out location setup, it's still vital to have a rugged vehicle you can depend on when SHTF. Think about it: when all of the stores are cleared out and police have abandoned their post, it's important to stop criminals from discovering your whereabouts. They are designed for fuel efficiency and safety, not SHTF reliability.

Today's vehicles simply won't do when it comes to being rugged.

That's why this list of 10 vehicles you should consider will save your butt. Find out which bug out vehicles won't let you down when the grid goes down. 

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  1. מיכאל חנה ישראל said:

    no one ever considers the need to be covert… think a motorcycle would be best… or a horse… because anything else will be turned back at the first government check point.

  2. James M Running Wind said:

    Some of the best “cleaners”, dressed like Priests, and walk in and out without any thought or second look.

  3. Chris Harmon said:

    And what you going to do if we are hit with an emp bomb? The electric and electronics on yours will not work.

  4. Bubba Stierwalt said:

    Its small enough to keep a spare in a metal box, loke a little tool box to keep a spare alternator and coil, if i switch it to breajer point ignition the alternator and coil are the only critical electronics to worry about

  5. Bubba Stierwalt said:

    My trucks carburated, stick shift, has a gm 1 wire alternator on it, only electronics to worry about is the icm, once i put in a breaker point distributor theres hardly any electronics to worry about

  6. George Anton said:

    My 2004 Mustang will carry enough ammo and camping gear to cross the country. It is 4×4, burns easily scrounged renewable fuel, and will go anywhere. Note the wet marks up to my pockets. Do THAT in your BOV and let me know how that works for you.

  7. Lucien Luyssaert said:

    I love mine so far.
    Any of you guys switch to 12v starters?
    Also can the axles from m1008 get bolted right in place?

  8. Ryan Williams said:

    The 24v is just under hood…..buy a cheap $350 12v starter and do some wire shuffling…..and switch from the 24v glowplugs. And you the 60 and 14 bolt with bolt right up.

  9. Ryan Williams said:

    I stand corrected…..starters are only $100 now…..wow they’ve really came down since I had mine.

  10. Brad Baumgardner said:

    Hell yea the CUCV. I have a jacked up k5 with a 383 stroker and those knobby knobs. It would take hundreds of BLM protesters to bog her down!

  11. Bill Fair said:

    I have 2 I also have an 84 big red I got for $75 that runs pretty good

  12. Bob Richards said:

    Ya gotta Remember guys, during SHTF , EVERYone will know what you have , friends Nieghbors, anyone who reads this and other formats, and so will the Government , OPSEC dictates that you attempt to use more “Grey Man” Tactics when putting together a Bugout Vehicle, keeping in mind .it might be extremely short term, you have to also consider , Family members, Items you may have to “Carry” Backpacks, yes, coolers, no, plan food accordingly, … I love the Deuce too, climb right up the side of a steep hill, ford water that would stop any other car or truck cold,… But Stands out and also says to everyone(Especially the Bad guys) “HEY, look at ME, I’m a Bugout Truck ” ! I’m using something different ..

  13. Bruce Anderson said:

    Unless it’s a points ignition I would think an EMP would leave most of these vehicles inoperable

  14. Russell Blose said:

    I f it’s not mechanical diesel it won’t run after emp or nuke solar flare and if it’s not manual trans to push start how will u get it started u need a batter basic wiring and a solar charger put in a Faraday cage to protect it

  15. Clinton J Taylor said:

    Whats top speed after the conversion? Many top out around 40 mph depending on tire size in stock form

  16. William Sills said:

    Convoy speeds were 45 mph for safety but many would do much more if the governor was set for it.