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How to Silently Hunt After a Collapse

A grim reality of a long-term survival scenario is the need to secure food and the only realistic way of doing that if all infrastructure has collapsed is through hunting. While hunting silently is always preferable, in a survival situation, where desperate folks might be looking to “poach” a meal, silence is paramount. Not only


4 Rifles to Stock up on for Cheap Ammo

Every few years or so, there is a large explosion of activity in gun stores all across the country. Fears amid the political landscape often fuel such things, as millions of citizens clear the shelves of ammunition, terrified of what might be to come. The constant fear leads to a sharp rise in prices as

Mosin Nagant gun

How to Find a Durable Survival Rifle Under $100

Survival weapons, particularly firearms, can be the priciest part of any survival kit, cache, system or bug-out system. They are expensive but without them, you put yourself at an extreme disadvantage. This is particularly true if you are facing a wilderness survival situation where hunting is a necessity, an urban situation with civil unrest or a