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How to Find a Durable Survival Rifle Under $100

How to Find a Durable Survival Rifle Under $100

Survival weapons, particularly firearms, can be the priciest part of any survival kit, cache, system or bug-out system. They are expensive but without them, you put yourself at an extreme disadvantage. This is particularly true if you are facing a wilderness survival situation where hunting is a necessity, an urban situation with civil unrest or a

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(Video) During Doomsday, Making Weapons Out of Random Supplies is an Invaluable Skill. Now Check Out the Clothespin Pocket Pistol as an Example…

If the world ever finds itself in a SHTF situation, where it is every man for himself, where a family must protect themselves against any manner of threat, it’s nice to know there are options. The most interesting tools or weapons are of the “homemade” variety, something you or others have hand crafted. They are