Hiding Firearms – Pros, Cons, What to Do and More Importantly What Not to Do…


When it comes to firearms, there are so many ways to hide them. On top of that, there are specific ways of doing so without breaking any rules or laws.

Part of being a prepper is having all the tools and weapons on hand to live a life of survival when SHTF. However, handling weapons should be a priority as well.

Luckily thanks to these must-know tips, you'll learn all the pros and cons to concealing weapons and who to go about it the correct way.

After all, it's important to be safe even when you're exercising your right to own weapons. And yes, this still pertains to when a survival situation takes place.

Check out the next page to learn all about the good and the bad about hiding firearms. You can thank us later. 😉

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  1. Mike Scott said:

    So this article is basically about standing up to marshall law by bending over and surrendering?

  2. Mark Johnson said:

    So tell me who going to be confiscating? Really do you have any idea how many guns are in this country ? Ithe can’t be done!!