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[VIDEO] You Can Create Survivalist Weapons from Trash

[VIDEO] You Can Create Survivalist Weapons from Trash

Survivalists are a resourceful breed of people. We strive to master specific skills, discover current techniques, and improve upon them all while creating new methods along the way. Doing this ensures we are always prepared, capable, and knowledgeable on various topics related to survival. This is important because if/when SHTF, we are ready to deal with whatever

3 Easy Weapons You Can Make At Home Today

There’s something about making or building something with our own two hands that makes us feel accomplished. In school, some of our classmates dreaded wood-shop, whereas we looked forward to it. It’s nice to see that over time that hasn’t changed. Lucky for us there are countless articles and videos online for fun weekend projects that help

5 Badass DIY Survivalist Weapons

Whether you’re a weapon enthusiast and own a your own weaponry museum, or you simply appreciate the skill it takes to properly use one, this list of badass DIY survivalist weapons is easy to follow and yields awesome rewards! Being prepared and ready for danger or potential emergencies is vital. But not all situations are