Stop Throwing Out Those Silica Gel Packets- They’ve Got Some Awesome Alternate Uses!

cell phone with silica gel

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Prevent Water from Ruining a Cell Phone

Similar to the way that rice works to absorb the water your phone may have been subjected to, silica gel packets work in the same way. Cover your phone in them and wait at least twenty-four hours before powering your phone back on.


Cameras are used to document memories in picture form. As such, should you go from a cold climate to a warmer one, your camera might be exposed to condensation that could leave marks across the lens, or affect the camera’s internal mechanisms. By taking out the memory card, battery, and even the lens if possible, place the remaining parts of your camera with silica gel packets, and the condensation will be dried away.

Silica Gel Packets are usually something we notice in the bottom of dry goods or in shoe boxes that we throw out without much thought. Before doing that, however, we should really consider just how valuable these little packets are.

It turns out they have many practical applications! To learn a few other clever ways to utilize silica gel (yes, for survival as well), head to the next slide. 

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  1. Cailin Koy said:

    Thanks for this! Any closet could certainly benefit from something that helps keep the moisture level down too. Silica gel would work perfectly!

  2. Jerry Peacher said:

    I get about 10-20 of these packets a week, they are in every tool bag, tool box gun case, ammo case that I have also have a bunch just stored in plastic bags whe I need them

  3. Ray Watkins said:

    @[100000124222667:2048:Charles Neil Prestwood] @[184104330:2048:Stephanie Holmes Watkins] @[1823320764:2048:Jace Hargrove]

  4. Bryan Davison said:

    Stops my hooks from rusting in my tackle box and all my gun cases and ammo.

  5. Art Macias said:

    I save them to put in ammo can. Not really sure if they’re doing anything but I would like to believe so

  6. David Lyons said:

    I do the same thing. Put them in my gun safe. I also put them with my cast iron cookware.

  7. Donnie Jones said:

    I have used these in my gun cabinets for years. A lot of people use expensive de humidifiers for no reason. Anywhere I store weapons including knives, you’ll find these packets there and they work perfectly !

  8. Tom Rosner said:

    No, throw them out. Once they are expressed to the air they are ruined. Too much moisture in everyday air to be useful.