When All Hell Breaks Loose and a Venomous Snake Bites You, Try This Emergency Alternative Medicine

venomous snake

The idea is to dry out your snake bite wound, and charcoal can help you accomplish that. You will want to keep the charcoal damp so it can continue to get rid of any toxic venom that otherwise would be infecting your body.

When you take charcoal internally, remember — as mentioned below — try not to inhale the dust. The last thing you need is extra issues in your lungs later on!

2) Hold the dampened charcoal onto the wound

charcoal powder

Use a band-aid, cotton with medical tape, or anything else that is available to firmly hold the dampened charcoal onto the wound. Check periodically, and re-dampen the charcoal if it has dried out.

Next, take at least 2 teaspoons of dampened activated charcoal powder internally. Make certain to dampen the charcoal first, because it can cause havoc for the lungs if you inhale the dust.

Next, find out what oil will also help neutralize a snake bite. It turns out this oil was originally used by the American Indians and can still be very beneficial today when SHTF!

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  1. Boyd Babineaux said:

    Pooter. My say so ,,o,k, if a cotton mouth bits you or a rattle snake and you or about 5 miles from the hospital, and you have a cell phone ,call your family and tell them good bye ,

  2. Robert Green said:

    Avoid venomous snakes . I learned that trick from an old Native American !!!

  3. Shane Lackey said:

    In your fire pit there is some partially burnt wood , it’s black not brown .

  4. Michael Graham said:

    Killed a Rattlesnake that was 5ft.8in.long, and had 13 babies as well..smoked it, deep fried it, & grilled it up.

  5. David Taylor said:

    Best treatment is to watch where you put your feet. Works well for more than snakes……just sayin.

  6. Shaun Powell said:

    Gets bit by a venomous snake*. Remember poison is ingested whilst venom is through a bite from an animal. Important to know if you ever need to ask for help on the phone.

  7. Zoi Gauna said:

    Hard to take seriously when you don’t even know the difference betweeen poisonous and venomous. Hint: a snake is venomous.

  8. Zoi Gauna said:

    Jim RiverWolf Rhoades Jr. An animal that secretes venom, or injects venom via bite or sting. A snake ia venomous, not poisonous. I’d suggest educating yourself.

  9. Zoi Gauna said:

    Jim RiverWolf Rhoades Jr. An animal that secretes venom, or injects venom via bite or sting.
    Posionous; a subatance or plant that cauaes sickness or death when ingested.
    A snake is venoumos, not poisonous. I’d suggest educating yourself before commenting and looking like a dumbass.

  10. Chris Brown said:

    If a venomous snake bites you and medical care isn’t available in a reasonable amount of time then I’ve got some bad news for you.

  11. Brian Jarrell said:

    Ozone will neutralize the Venom very quickly salsa works for spider bites as well

  12. Devon Cannan said:

    Venomous snake not poisonous lmao venom is injected poison is ingested there are poisonous snakes but very very few in the world

  13. Corey Janusz said:

    Yea if a poisonous snake (yes these do actually exist) its ok, they have no method of introducing that toxin into your body. Now a venomous snake with fangs …. Yea thats a problem

  14. Joe Topp said:

    I love this stuff, if you’re bleeding to death, try this trick! F-that, get me to a qualified Medical Doctor NOW!