This Miracle-Working Substance Found in a Kitchen Has the Power to Stop Bleeding


When you get a cut or any type of wound, you probably automatically assume that it will take a while for the bleeding to stop. Depending on how serious the wound is, somewhat minor cuts can really take a while to heal.

What if there was a way to stop the bleeding and heal your wounds a lot faster? This miracle remedy isn't hard to find!

Just by looking at your spice rack, you can find the best way to stop your cut from bleeding. What is this miracle substance? Read on to find out and how to apply it!

It's simple and incredibly easy. Not to mention, you can apply this topically and even consume it for extra fast healing.

Find out how you can quickly stop a cut from bleeding on the next page!

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  1. Mike Kelly said:

    Riah Kris I combine garlic and mullien, macerated in olive oil, for earache drops. My little girl loves ’em when she gets an earache.

  2. Nicholas Wehring said:

    cayenne pepper is a natural blood stop agent. I new about it back in the late 1980’s when I was in the army. It will clot the blood out side the body, but when taken internally it acts as a blood thinner.

  3. Terry Owens said:

    I’ve used cayenne for years, make sure to keep the wound dry or it will sting, works great on busted knuckles, don’t bandage it.

  4. Andrea Mitchell said:

    Can we just wildly speculate and use whatever we assume is in the picture?
    Because honestly I’d rather throw anything on an open wound than click on this.

  5. Mary Wyman said:

    This cracked me up
    First thought was
    How do you happen to have this on hand (there’s a pun for you , no extra charge)

  6. Crystal Herning Boyd said:

    When our animals have bad cuts, we use Alum, Corn Starch or flour. The 1st two work better than the flour

  7. Cody Woods said:

    OK I’m curious so yes I have no clue someone want to explan why it won’t work or is dangerous

  8. Jim Thompson said:

    It works and I have used it on myself and my dogs with no problems so you should do some research before you make judgments and look like an idiot

  9. Mike Ledgerwood said:

    For starters, you are introducing a non-sterile product into your body thereby increasing the risk for infection. Secondly, your blood clots through cells called platelets. Applying direct pressure to a wound caused bleeding to stop because it holds the blood in which allows the platelets to attach to the red blood cells and form a clot. Hemostatic agents such as Celox work by causing blood to gel thereby forming a block.

    Applying Cyanne pepper to a wound won’t help with clotting, other than the fact you might be creating a barrier that the blood can’t pass through which would start your body’s clotting mechanisms. Yes, taking Cyanne Pepper orally can help lower blood pressure but no it won’t help with clotting.

    The author mentioned cutting his thumb off. When you have an amputation you have what is called vessel retraction. This is when your blood vessels have become severed and they retract into your body. Same way if you had a rubber band under tension and you suddenly cut it, it would retract. When this happens, the retraction will often seal off the end of the vessel thereby stopping the bleeding. The pepper the author applied to his wound had no effect on his bleeding, it was his body doing what it is designed to do that stopped the bleeding. It was just pure coincidence that the bleeding stopped when he put pepper on, but it would have stopped much sooner had he just applied direct pressure.

    I’m all for natural remedies, when they work and are based on science but this particular remedy is hogwash.

  10. Mike Ledgerwood said:

    Jim Thompson Actually, I am educated and I work in the medical field. The only one looking like an idiot here is you Jim. How about you learn how your body functions before you go and start applying crap to your body and causing more harm.

  11. Mike Ledgerwood said:

    Forgot to add that Cyanne Pepper is a vessel dilator so it would actually make bleeding worse.

  12. Doug Pyle said:

    I think it might work but for reasons other than those listed. It would get thick when mixing with the blood and help form a clot quicker. It would also most likely set the wound on fire, or at least make it feel that way. Keep in mind that anything that gets put on an open wound will need to be thoroughly cleaned so doing this will be painful in the long run having it scrubbed out. It’s still better than bleeding to death though! 🙂 I always keep quick clot on hand, it always works and it’s designed to do so.

  13. Alex Tamayo said:

    Yep. Unfollowing this page now…to much questionable information

  14. Curt Detman said:

    This has kept me from cutting a backpacking trip short once. I carry a mixture of cayenne pepper, salt and garlic to cook with. Like him I almost cut my thumb off chopping wood to cook. I got myself to the bone. I cleaned the gash, dumped the mixture on and wrapped it. Periodically cleaning and reapplying the mixture. The bleeding stopped by night time and was able to keep going. I don’t even have a scar.

  15. Pete Rock said:

    I’ve used tobacco leaves to stop bleeding on a fairly big cut on fingers but as you said Mike I think pressure would have done the same.

  16. Anonymous said:

    Turmeric. A great healing spice for many things, including cancer.