This Miracle-Working Substance Found in a Kitchen Has the Power to Stop Bleeding


When you get a cut or any type of wound, you probably automatically assume that it will take a while for the bleeding to stop. Depending on how serious the wound is, somewhat minor cuts can really take a while to heal.

What if there was a way to stop the bleeding and heal your wounds a lot faster? This miracle remedy isn't hard to find!

Just by looking at your spice rack, you can find the best way to stop your cut from bleeding. What is this miracle substance? Read on to find out and how to apply it!

It's simple and incredibly easy. Not to mention, you can apply this topically and even consume it for extra fast healing.

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  1. David Breyer said:

    And putting pressure on it like doctors say to do works tremendously well!

  2. Paul Kammermeier said:

    No, pressure is overrated. Truth And Action readers deserve to know that cayenne pepper is the way to go. Plus lemon juice. Then pressure. With a hammer.

  3. David Breyer said:

    Paul Kammermeier yessss lemon juice! It’s also good for pink eye!

  4. Paul Kammermeier said:

    Why is the medical community hiding these effective remedies from the fine readers of Truth and Action?

  5. Wes Kroeze said:

    Paul Kammermeier doesn’t honey and herbal tea come into play somewhere here too?

  6. Carolyn Samide said:

    Be careful with the black pepper! If it doesn’t get washed out after the bleeding stops, you will have a blue scar. I know this because I still have a thin blue line on my thumb from a cut when I was a small child. I’m now 67 years old!!

  7. Carolyn Samide said:

    Sugar works really well. If it’s a gaping cut, use the lining of a fresh egg as a butterfly bandage. It will pull the edges of the wound together as it dries.

  8. Austin Whitaker said:

    So who has used this? I have heard a lot of different methods but cayenne pepper got me going wtf? And drinking it, by the time it is digested you have probably died of blood loss or didn’t need to drink it in the first place, not discrediting just trying to call out someone with personal experience.

  9. Lesa Stacey said:

    I’ve tried it, it burns like a mother… I’d just rather pack it in sugar any day!

  10. Matthew Blackburn said:

    Seen a post like this before and it suggested peprika??!!!! Or was it chilli powder idk. Anyways$#%&!@*that. Use all purpose flour, not painful like paprika or chilli powder would be and acts as a sort of quick clot.

  11. Douglas Brown said:

    Two problems with this from a medics view point.
    1)cayenne pepper is very caustic. Introducing it to a deep wound opens the wound area to tissue damage that may not reverse.
    2) introducing cayenne pepper to a deep wound where an arterial breech may be(as in the writers “nearly cutting off his thumb”) puts the possibility of this material being drawn into venous system allowing it to got to the heart or lungs.
    There is a far better material in the kitchen to be used for bleeding control. Alum.
    A teaspoon mixed with enough water to just make a paste then applied to the wound will provide nearly instant blood stop and no chance of it going further than the application site. This is because of its staunching action. Actually constricting the vessels in the wound. Same action as a styptic pencil.

  12. Phil Burke said:

    I have personally used cayenne pepper in a gun shot wound. that is all I used, 13 days, no Dr. visit, no problem. I would do it again. but I might not recommend it for you.