The Fantastic Four: When SHTF One or More of These Plants Could Save Your Life

man holding up leaves

Finding yourself in a survival situation is typically a nasty experience for most people, particularly due to a profound lack of resources and survival knowledge.

Sure, you can pack plenty of MREs in your bug out bag, but eventually, you will use them all up, and if a wrench has been thrown in your plans with inclement weather or simply getting turned around and then lost, you’ll probably be hurting when your food runs out.

When that happens, how many edible plants can you point out? Hunting may not be an option, especially when SHTF and everybody else is hunting all of the animals.

Most people don’t know all of the edible plants in the woods, but the truth is knowing just four simple plants could very well save your life. Learn these plants on the following page.

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  1. Randy Beeson said:

    Funny how people starve next to a field of grass. Look how fat cows get. The trick is to chew it, swallow the juice and spit out the cellulose left over or you’ll get stopped up.

  2. Tilo Hertel said:

    Buy a good book about wilderness plants and train regularly for the case of SHTF.

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